Monthly Fishing Report

October 2015

Capt Mike Farmer's report for October


Well September is gone and away with it goes down in history one of our greatest scallop seasons. But now a new season has been ushered in, Fall is here and it's time to move on to other things. The air and water temperatures will be continuing to drop as the highs and lows just inch themselves downward slowly in perfect rhythm with each day as the daylight hours diminish and become just a touch shorter each day. Some of the birds that we have not seen since the late winter when they flew away will start their return back this month. The morning air will just seem a bit more crisp each day as you walk out side and take your first breath . You notice the squirrels a bit busier than usual digging around and burying acorns in the yard. Weekends are full of football from your local High School favorites on Friday nights, College games on Saturday afternoons and the pro games on Sunday, even if they may be just to add some back ground noise as you catch that afternoon nap. Baseball season begins it's final shakedown of who's who and who's not gonna make the show. Lot's of changes going on in our little world.

 But our little world above water level isn't the only place with changes going on. Below the waters surface things are happening there as well. Schools of bait and other fish are beginning their annual migration from our neighbors in the northern end of the gulf. But guess what, we are right in the middle of their highway as they pass through in the southbound lane. Look for birds diving as they feed upon the schools of baitfish, because surely there you will also find spanish mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish, trout and other species. Many are feeding up for energy as they continue their trek on southward to their winter homes. But our resident fish such as the speckled trout are gorging themselves to fatten up for the long cold winter which lies in wait ahead of them. This month and next we will see the most different number of species of fish that we will see again until late spring of next year. October is a great month to be a fisherman.

 The waters from Piney Point on back down towards Rock Point and out in the 3'-5' depths is a good area to look for all of this action to be taking place. Down to the south from Rocky Creek on down towards Pepperfish Key should be more of the same. A rattling style cork with a 30”-36” fluorocarbon leader attached to a 1/16 oz jighead would be a great weapon of choice. Bait the jighead with shrimp, soft plastics or cut bait. Soft plastics such as Saltwater Assassins 5” jerk shad in chicken on a chain pattern will do quite well. If you are fishing with several folks in your boat try different colors or some with live baits and some with artificial baits until you can figure out what seems to turn them on that day and if the action slows don't be afraid to change up again. Make long casts and give sharp pops to the cork then allowing it to rest 10 seconds or so before repeating. When the cork disappears start to reel and remove slack from the line until you feel resistance then a good sharp snap to set the hook. Your not bass fishing so don't try and snatch his lips off as I have watched many do, only to tear the tender mouths of a nice trout enough that it enables them to easily throw the bait loose. Also a rod rigged with a 1/16 oz jighead, with no cork then baited with a soft plastic should be on hand as well. Bounce this rig along the grassy bottom to draw a strike when the cork isn't getting their attention. That should be enough to get you started on your way to filling your limits this month.

Until next time...

Take care and hope to see you soon in “The Hatch”

Captain Mike Farmer
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Captain Mike Farmer is a fully USCG Licensed and insured guide operating out of River Haven Marina providing inshore fishing and scallop trips. 


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